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What is MySpamSponge?

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MySpamSponge is a free site invented by Dr. Kevin Pezzi that gives you a powerful new way to communicate that unleashes the full power of the Net. MySpamSponge:

  • Enables you to freely leave your contact info anywhere without worrying about spammers or moderators!
  • Allows you to easily send messages from any computer—even public ones.
  • Blocks 100% of spam but never any legitimate messages—unlike annoying spam filters!
  • Eliminates the hassle of keeping contacts informed of your current e-mail address.
  • Saves time and safeguards your privacy.
  • Makes Internet dating free & creates new ways to meet offline, too!

Your MySpamSponge personal hyperlink™, or even just your handle (contact code), effectively gives you your own secure contact form that tags along everywhere you go. Use it if you wish, or omit it—it's your choice.

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Why I created MySpamSponge—and why you need it