Hitler could have prevented the fiscal cliff

From his grave in hell, Adolf Hitler is now probably laughing at Speaker Boehner, President Obama, and everyone who thinks either one of them has the best ideas for catalyzing our economy. As I discussed in a long article certain to ruffle the feathers of imbeciles who think medicine must taste bad to be good, Hitler was a monster but an economically brilliant one in terms of demonstrated achievement. When he took control of Germany, it was in a shambles much worse than our Great Depression. Compared with Germany, Americans were living in a Shangri-La. Yet in just a few years, Hitler engineered what is probably the greatest rapid economic reversal in history with stunningly spectacular results.

If either Boehner or Obama could produce results even half as amazing, people would call it an economic miracle and nominate The Economic Answer Man they'd call an economic genius for the Nobel Prize in Economics. If President Obama were the one, even the staunchest Tea Party fans would readily admit he had The Right Stuff after all. If Speaker Boehner were the one, even the far Left would say that he could do more than drink booze, smoke cigarettes, tan, chase women, and make lobbyists very happy.

In reality, we should be able to leave Hitler in the dust in terms of boosting our economy because we have technology he could never dream about: technology that can supercharge efficiency and grease the wheels of progress. We could also avoid the two biggest mistakes Hitler made: chasing away (or killing) some of the best minds, and grossly overspending on the military.

The latter is often believed by many otherwise bright people to be the primary ingredient in Hitler's magical economic recipe, but as I discussed in my article, military spending is no economic panacea. Come on, if it were that simple, any leader could send his economy into the stratosphere by lavish military spending.

What did the USSR get for spending so much on defense? A crumbling economy that led to its collapse. The United States is now following that same formula for slitting its throat. If we keep limiting ourselves to lackluster inside-the-box ideas, the USA will surely collapse, and your children and grandchildren will curse you for not taking the time to read an article explaining how we could avoid what will otherwise be a disastrous economic future. You don't need fancy economic theories or arcane mathematical models to understand Hitler's formula; you just need a bit of common sense.

My article also illustrates one of the fundamental mistakes our leaders make: paying people to sit instead of work. In addition to discussing a proven way to kickstart an economy, I also provide an eye-opening look at history that should make you wonder if what your educators taught you was the whole story or just a propagandized one-sided view of it.

Oh, one more thing: you may need to hold your honey close for comfort as you read that article. You'll see. Your eyes will get as big as saucers and your pulse will quicken as you find something more captivating than anything on television. If not, you're officially brain dead—and yes, I am legally qualified to judge who is and who isn't.

I never had a class in economics but my intuitive grasp of it is evidently so tuned into reality that I knew the U.S. economy was headed for disaster decades ago when the experts (ha!), blinded by their rose-colored glasses, forecast a stock market of 20,000 and beyond (1, 2, 3). Had their lofty dreams come true, our streets would now be paved with gold and I would have looked foolish for putting my projections into print. Instead, I now look prescient and they look like foolish dreamers so enamored with their warped ideas that they could not see what was utterly obvious. In terms of permitting them to see straight, their fancy Ivy League degrees and professorships proved to be less valuable than toilet paper.

Our leaders can't solve even simple problems, such as the daylight savings time mistake (reference: The US needs to retire daylight savings and just have two time zones—one hour apart).

I used that same intuitive grasp of economics to know that we will never get the bright future we crave if we ignore one of history's most valuable lessons. Learn it, and you'll see that our leaders need more education, more common sense, and less partisanship. They're masters at playing political games, but they are dunces in solving problems. In the past few decades, they promised to go to Washington to make things better, yet what do we have? More problems than ever. They clearly don't know what they are doing, and if we keep listening to them, neither do we. How about some common sense for a change?

We give our leaders much more respect and power than they deserve. The most notable accomplishment of our politicians has been to take the United States, seemingly destined to be the world's indomitable economic superpower, and inflict considerably more damage upon its future than all of our past and present enemies combined, including Germany and Japan in World War II, the USSR during the Cold War, Islamic terrorists, and everyone convicted of treason in U.S. history. All of those enemies combined couldn't begin to deliver the KO blow that our liberal and conservative politicians have given to present and future Americans. They feed like parasites off Americans. They're running the USA into the ground to benefit themselves. And we give them respect? And power to keep doing what they've been doing? Nuts.

The Left wants to blame the Right, and the Right wants to blame the Left, but neither side could have done it alone. They've both screwed us and our children in ways that will surely have future generations loathing us as the Brainless and Spineless Generation that ruined the United States, in contrast to the Greatest Generation whose hard work and sacrifices once saved our freedom and prosperity.

It is long past time to put our thinking caps on and consider alternatives to the current national economic suicide. Here's one proven to work miracles.


  1. UPDATE: To their credit, both Speaker Boehner and President Obama supported the JOBS Act.
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